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Running LPCUSBLib_SerialHost on LPC43xx (OM13084)

Question asked by Omid Athari on Jan 18, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2017 by soledad


I am trying to run the LPCUSBLib_SerialHost program on the OM13084 board not having any luck.

When I plug in my Trendnet usb serial device, the there is an error in finding and enumurating routine

and CDC_ENUMERROR_NoCompatibleInterfaceFound is returned.  Therefore the interface is not enabled.


//CDCClassHost.c line 202

if (USB_GetNextDescriptorComp(ConfigDescriptorSize, ConfigDescriptorData,
DCOMP_CDC_Host_NextCDCControlInterface) != DESCRIPTOR_SEARCH_COMP_Found)
return CDC_ENUMERROR_NoCompatibleInterfaceFound;


Any ideas


Omid Athari