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openGL ES 2.0 & iMX6SL

Question asked by John Kaye on Jan 17, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2017 by Artur Petukhov

Dear NXP,


A late breaking requirement for our iMX6SL based Marshmallow product is to run openGL ES 2.0 enabled applications. The iMX6SL is a openGL 1.1 device -- there is no HW accelerated support for openGL ES 2.0. Correct? We've ported the openGL ES 2.0 Mesa llvmpipe software renderer, but its performance is not great. We're also looking at the etnaviv driver because Mesa and the proprietary Vivante libs are not compatible.



  1. Has there been an integration with the Mesa llvmpipe driver and the Vivante 2D library?
  2. Has NXP implemented/prototyped the etnaviv driver for the Android platform?
  3. Are there other options?


I appreciate your help.