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What is difference of LPC1114FN28/102 and LPC1114FHN33/333?

Question asked by py ot on Jan 18, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2017 by py ot

We are creating a board device by using LPC1114FN28/102.

It worked good at in developing process. This device output NTSC Color Signal by GPIO.


Now, we have changed MCU to LPC1114FHN33/333 from LPC1114FN28/102.

It got mixed with noise. Same circuit, same xtal, same board. It was changed only MCU on socket.


We want to remove the noise. What is difference of LPC1114FN28/102 and LPC1114FHN33/333? Is the frequency characteristic of LPC1114FN28/102 and LPC1114FHN33/333 different on GPIO?


Please help me, thank you.