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_time_delay_internal remains in Time Delay Blocked State

Question asked by Louie Moye on Jan 17, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2017 by Louie Moye

Any ideas why a call to _time_delay(100) would result in that task never returning from _time_delay_internal?  It looks like it hangs after the call to _sched_execute_scheduler_internal(); at the end of the _time_delay_internal function.  This is a task that executed correctly for a random number if iteration before being blocked.  I have a One Second Interrupt running at priority 8 - I tried changing to Priority 10 with no luck.  My tasks are all FIFO time-sliced at 50mS all at Priority 8.  Also, all the task stacks seem to be at reasonable usage levels.


I'm running on K70 using MQX 4.1, and CodeWarrior 10.6.