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What reference design to follow to design a custom PCB for MKW21Z MCU?

Question asked by Shantam Raj on Jan 17, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2017 by Jorge Antonio Alcala Vazquez

I am designing a custom PCB for developing around MKW21Z MCU. As such there are no reference designs for it, however there are reference designs for MKW41Z (MKW21Z belongs to the same family and even the data sheet is the same). There are 2 reference designs for MKW41Z, the FRDM board and the USB sniffer. But here is the problem, there are 4 different ways in which the RF section has been shown to be implemented in the schematics and the Hardware User guides which are as follows -  

I want to use the Meander antenna because mine is a space constrained design more like the USB Sniffer.

Even in the images i found two different images (RF part is clearly different) for the USB Sniffer design. The first image is what is used for the Getting Started video. Here are the 2 images - 

As for the FRDM board, no close ups are available.


1) So which schematic should i go for?

2) Since there are only 2 hardware available but 4 different schematics, the hardware that NXP has made, follow which one?

3) Since MKW21Z works at the same frequency and belongs to the same family as MKW41Z, following the guidelines for      MK41Z shouldn't pose any problems in my design?

4) Is it necessary to have 50ohm controlled impedance line, given that the length of that trace will be extremely small, like 4-5mm maximum ?

5) Can you provide me a link for the dimensions of the meander antenna?