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RS485 NXP Implementation

Question asked by abderrezak on Jan 17, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2017 by Carlos_Mendoza

Hi every body, 

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I develop a command bord around the LPC1788 on which I have used many peripherals com. On of theme is UART.

On this UART user will use an RS485 implementation (Of course I added a RS485 transceivers). Regarding to the software, I wish to use the NXP Implementation of the RS485 (RS485CTRL, RS485DLY, RS485ADRMATCH).


After reading the related section on the UM, I am confused on how to use the RS485 filtering address. And it seems little bit hard to find a Serial Terminal to test the communication because of: the setting to '1' of the parity bit of address (set to '0' for data)

In addition if I have to use a parity checking at receive and send (odd or even) how the NXP-RS485 will differentiate the address from data?


In my application, it will be useful to associate the first byte to address and the rest is always data. Can I use this kind of checking address mechanism (Of course with no software checking)


Thank you