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LS1012ARDB Workspace settings in CWARMv8

Question asked by b02349 on Jan 17, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2017 by Adrian Stoica

I am using an LS1012ARDB Rev C in combination with a CW TAP / LS probetip to connect the ARDB to the ethernet network. The CW TAP is configured with a static IP address and Hostname, which is also visble on the Windows 10

machine. Pinging the device in configuration over USB works fine, so the CW TAP is configured properly.


The LS1012ARDB is function OK, the LED's are indicating the correct status during PowerUp. I also see the LED's on

the CW TAP in the correct status (Flashing green Tx/Rx LED and Orange RUN/PAUZE LED).


Starting the CWARMv8 CodeWarrior environment is also working, but after loading an example project (Hello World Bare Metal), you need to configure the Worksspace Settings under Debug Configurations to be able to connect the CW TAP to the environment. If I select that, the LS1012ARDB is missing in the Target Connection Configuration list (it only shows the LS1023, 1043 and LS2xxx systems).


In the document CWARMv8GS.pdf there is a listing on page 19, where the LS1012ARDB is listed, so I expect there is a Workspace setting file available for this board.


Would it be possible to send me the file / give me directions how to obtain this file / Tell me how to configure the tool so I am able to connect to the LS1012A processor, using CW TAP ?