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External oscillator cannot start in MKL81

Question asked by Dawei Yang on Jan 16, 2017
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I have a problem to start external oscillator. The problem is pin XTAL0 goes to high but toggling, so EXTAL0 always stays low.


 The hardware design is followed Freedom-KL82 reference design. The external Osc is a 12MHz one. I am using SDK's GPIO example IAR project for frdmkl81z board. In BOARD_ClockInit() function, XTAL0 and EXTAL0 are both configured to alternate 0 mode. I am using default clock configure RUN table which enables OSCERCLK. 


When I run the code, code stuck in this line, "while(!CLOCK_HAL_IsOsc0Stable(base)){}“. When I put a probe on Oscillator pin 1, I can see PIN XTAL0 stays in HIGH instead of toggling. I think this may cause external Oscillator no output to microprocessor.


Does anyone had this problem before?