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Use of the TA(Transfer Acknowledge) pin of MPC8270

Question asked by 一锋 蔺 on Jan 16, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2017 by ufedor

There are SDRAM,FLASH,bootROM DPRAM link to the MPC8270 60x bus ,The number of memories and pins are as follows:

4 SDRAM:A[12:0],D[15:0],/CS,/WE,/CAS,/RAS,DQMH,DQML,BA0,BA1;

1 bootROM:A[18:0],D[7:0],/CE,/OE,/WE;

1 FLASH:A[25:0],D[15:0],/CE,/OE,/WE;

1 DPRAM:A[12:0],D[15:0],/BUSY(Output),R/W,/OE,/CEL,/LBL,/UBL,/INT(Output),/SEM;

How to link those memorry to the 60x bus when it use as 60x-Bus Compatible Mode(TA as input in this mode)?

How to configure in uboot or in OS when I want to link the /BUSY(output) signal to the the TA(configure as input) pin of MPC8270 use as a mechanism to avoid read and write conflict of DPRAM ?

The TA(Transfer Acknowledge) only can be use in UPM mode? How about in GPCM mode?