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VREF vs bandgap voltage reference (aka system reference voltage)

Question asked by Robert Poor on Jan 16, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2017 by EARL GOODRICH

On a processors such as the KL27 family, either the bandgap voltage reference or  VREF can be used as reference inputs to the ADC.  This leads to two questions:

  • Since VREF is actually derived from the bandgap voltage reference, when (and why) would you use VREF as a reference input rather than the bandgap voltage reference?
  • What is the bandgap voltage?  Some documents suggest that it is 1.0 V, other documents suggest that it's 1.2V.  (I guess the real question is: where do I find the electrical specifications for the KL27 family of processors, in particular Vbe?)