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NFC newbie questions

Question asked by Eyal Lasko on Jan 16, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2017 by Jorge_Gonzalez

Hi there, 


The title says it all...I'm newbie to NFC so handle me with care


I'm interested in short range contact-less asset management application.

I did some research in NXP web but would be glad to get advise from experienced developers:

  • What would be a recommended chipset to implement short-range (5 cm) asset detection ?
  • I've noticed PN746x/736x (ARM) and PN532(80C51) families. What are the main differences (pros/cons) of each ?
  • If using P2P configuration, what should I expect in terms of power efficiency given that I use one of the above ICs, that exchange data with a peer once every 1hr and is powered on Li CR2032 cell ?
  • What is the software development IDE that is used with these families? (Is there a free one ?)
  • Recommended evaluation kits

Any advice is appreciated,