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Enabling Watchdog on iMX6 Solo (U-Boot SPL 2015.04)

Question asked by brendanta on Jan 16, 2017
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I have done search regarding the title however I could not find any information that answers my questions.  


I am looking at enabling the Watchdog Timer for my Freescale iMX6 Solo (VAR-SOM-MX6).  I have read the reference manual which outlines the following steps for Watchdog initialisation: 


70.6 Initialization

The following sequence should be performed for WDOG initialization.

• PDE bit of Watchdog Miscellaneous Control Register (WDOG_WMCR) should be cleared to disable the power down counter.

• WT field of Watchdog Control Register (WDOG_WCR) should be programmed for sufficient timeout value.

• WDOG should be enabled by setting WDE bit of Watchdog Control Register (WDOG_WCR) so that the timeout counter loads the WT field value of Watchdog Control Register (WDOG_WCR) and starts counting.




I noticed in the U-Boot files (/drivers/watchdog/imx_watchdog.c) there is no support for the Watchdog Miscellaneous Control Register (WDOG_WMCR) which is the first step of the sequence for initialising the Watchdog. 


If there were any resources or guides upon this process that would be greatly appreciated.