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Problem with FCCU fault injection

Question asked by Yixin Wu on Jan 16, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2017 by Yixin Wu

Hello Community,


I have got a problem with FCCU fault injection.


The FCCU can be configured as the guide described. The reaction of all faults has been set as no reaction. Then I make a fault injection of NCF[7] and no reset is done. The corresponding fault bit in NCF_S0 can be read. It works well.


Then the reaction for the fault NCF[7] has been set as short functional reset. (Only reacts if fault 7 occurs. The other faults won't trigger a reset.) I make a fault injection of NCF[7] and a reset can be observed. It works well.


The FCCU configuration remains unchanged. I make a fault injection of NCF[10] for example but a reset can also be observed. There should be no reset cause no reaction is set for NCF[10]. Why do I always get a reset, no matter which fault is injected, although no reaction has been set for this fault?


Here is my configuration:

and code for fault injection:


Thank you in advance for help!