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understanding USBDM target vdd control option

Question asked by Gaston Schelotto on Jan 13, 2017
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I usually program/debug E02Z, KL03Z, KL05Z and others Kinetis MCUs with USBDM and FRDM-KL25Z. However I don't understand the Target Vdd Control option (Off, 3.3V, 5V) in the KDS 3.2 debug configuration. If I select the Off option I expect to have to power the target processor externally (am I wrong?) but It's not needed. Despite chosing Target Vdd Control=Off the target processor is powered by the FRDM-KL25Z with no problem.


How can I disable the Vdd in FRDM-KL25Z in order to power the target processor externally?