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Breakpoint not working

Question asked by biafra on Jan 13, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2017 by Alice_Yang

Hi everyone,


I posted another question about loading an application to debug in SDRAM in the post Debug in SDRAM referred to summarize the basic steps.

I'm working on a custom board based on K65FX1M0M18 using KDS 3.2.0 and Multilink Universal debugger.

In the board there are:

  • K65FX1M0M18
  • External SDRAM (4M x 32)
  • External flash (2M x 16),



At this time I'm using the following workflow (anomalous for me):

  • I open the application project in KDS
  • I build the application linked at SDRAM address
  • Using the bootloader in runtime environment I load the application just built in the external flash memory
  • I run the debugger that resets the K65 (starting at the startup address 0), so the bootloader starts and copies the application from the external flash to external SDRAM. As long as the booloader is running, I can step without source files, but when it jumps to the application I can see the application source files too


I tested the runtime behaviour and it works well: a sample application that flashes a led runs as expected.


The problem rises in the debugging phase: although I can step in the application, if I set a breakpoint and run, the program doesn't stop until I press the stop button in the debugger, even if the breakpoint is set in the line following the current one.

The breakpoint seems to work only if it is set in the bootloader area.


Does anyone have experienced this or has any suggestion on it?


Many thanks