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i.MX6 Firmware in C

Question asked by Siegmund Siebert on Jan 12, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2017 by CarlosCasillas

Hi all experts,

I want to start with i.MX6SoloX and for several reasons first I want to programm this controller in C. My platformis the IAR workbench and the example, which I can find in the workbench works fine on the SABRE board.

Now I want to install and program other periphals, like CAN and display controller. I have read the i.MX6 Firmware Guide, and now I have a problem. In chapter 11 "FlexCan module" is written:


1. Run the can_init function, which will configure iomux, issue a module software
reset, initialize the configuration register, initialize the control register, initialize the
message buffers to zero, and disable all message buffer interrupt mask registers.
2. Run the set_can_mb function to initialize the message buffers.
3. Run the can_exit_freeze function to exit freeze mode and allow module to transmit
or receive data.


I can't find the "can_init function, set_can_mb function and can_exit_freeze function".

Is there anbody there who knows, where I can find these functions?


Thanks for your trouble