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LS1012ARDB can not attach USB serial port in windows 10 and wnidows7

Question asked by changwon son on Jan 12, 2017

When I try to attach LS1012ARDB to a windows 10 PC with mini USB console port, The PC only can detect “MBED microcontroller USB Device” as a disk drive. No serial device be found.

Later I tried to attach it on windows 7 PC. The result is the same.

When I inspect the MBED disk, there are one directory ".fseventsd" , and three files "metadata_never_index", :Trashes" and "bootload.htm."

I installed "mbedWinSerial_16466.exe" on windows 7 PC anyhow nothing is changed.


Is there any way to know why the serial port device is not created/detected,  and how to fix the problem?


I attache USB info.  of the device collectted from "usbview.exe." 


LS1012ARDB for software development

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