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Meaning of "Invalid target system access" error message for CodeWarrior TAP

Question asked by Christian Kellermann on Jan 13, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2017 by Adrian Stoica

I have a CodeWarrior TAP connected via USB. The device has worked fine before. Cables have not been changed or disconnected. However upon today's start of the CodeWarrior IDE, the connection seems not to get recognised. Instead the IDE tells me the error message:


"Invalid target system access: 'C:\Freescale\CW_PA_v10.5.1\PA\cdde\bin\cdde.exe'"


I have no idea what this is supposed to mean. Is there a list of error message for the tooling with a description about its meaning?


The connection server does identify the probe correctly with the "findcc cwtap -usb" command.


From my experience the connection reliability with the tap and the IDE has put it politely.