MCF5329 UART2 Problem

Discussion created by KEITH CARLSON on Jul 13, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2008 by KEITH CARLSON
My colleagues and I are planning to use UART communication between the 5329 and three peripheral devices. I have verified the operation of UART0 and UART1, but UART2 acts strangely.
I can transmit on UART2, but the transmitted characters show up on the reciever too. I can see the character on an oscilloscope and in the read buffer. I can convince myself that the UART2 receiver works because what I see on the oscilloscope is what I see in the read buffer. But why am I seeing the transmitted data on the receive line?
Is this a problem with the 5329 silicon? Is this problem due to the external circuitry (CAN transceiver, RS232 converter) on the Logic PD Eval Board?