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P2020 1.33Ghz problem

Question asked by gyosun shim on Jan 12, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2017 by alexander.yakovlev

Hi All,


P2020 1.2Ghz board is designed and used well.

On a good board, we changed the CPU to 1.33Ghz(P2020NSN2NHC) as shown below.

SYSCLK : 66.66MHz

cfg_sys_pll[0:2] : 011 (8:1) - 533MHz

cfg_core0_pll[0:2] : 101 (5:2 (2.5:1)) - 1333MHz

cfg_core1_pll[0:2] : 101 (5:2 (2.5:1)) - 1333MHz

I am using SD-Card booting but I do not see SDHC_CLK output.

I do not seem to have any problems with the settings, but I do not work.

Is there any hardware difference between 1.2GHz(P2020NSN2MHC) and 1.33GHz(P2020NSN2NHC) models?


What is more updated than P2020RM rev2? There is no content for 1.33GHz.


Thank you.
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