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Go-Language cross compiler for i.MX6 (C1200QM-N512-ND8)

Question asked by Rajeev Arora on Jan 12, 2017


I am looking out for cross compiling go language code to run on i.MX6 (C1200QM-N512-ND8).

As on date I am using Windows 7 to run eclipse with goClipse plugin. I want to move my go code development to Ubuntu-14.04 running desktops and then use eclipse and goClipse to build code.

I have a i.MX6 hardware for which my team has built various packages with help of yocto. My team is also developing Java and Node.JS codes for the hardware platform. The RTOS used on i.MX6 is Ubuntu-14.04.

As we want to port parts of our old C code to the i.MX6 hardware, I think it would be better to code them in go language. Hence a handy cross compiler and a debugger is required.

I also want to call parts of C code from go Language. Further I want to compare execution time for a known sequence, when it is coded in go-lang, JAVA, Java Script and Node.JS.

Please share inputs and procedure that will help me cross compile and debug the code.

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