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Why CW2.10 debug IDE ICDPPCNEXUS could not work for MPC5634M?

Question asked by Hanson He Employee on Jan 11, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2017 by Martin Kovar


We use CW2.10, but it have the flash size problem. The problem is that it could not run debug when the Flash memory more than 1M, so it just could use for MPC5633 1M Flash memory, it could not run for MPC5634M 1.5M Flash memory. We need it could work on MPC5634M. Whether have some setting configuration for MPC5634M under CW2.10 debug IDE ICDPPCNEXUS?


 When the program code are more than 1M Memory, we say program A, it could not debug on ICDPPCNEXUS,
and after download the code under ICDPPCNEXUS software, PC pointer will run crash.


When the program code are less than 1M memory, we say program B, it could set breakpoint, and debug
step by step. What difference for these two code A and B? We only change the LCF file memory
definiation, we set CalSegFLASH org=0x000F4000 for code A, after compile, code A Flash
memory code is less than 1M Memory, and we set CalsegFlash org= 0x000FC000 for code B, all the other code is same, after compile, code B Flash memory is more than 1M memory. Code A could debug, but Code B could not debug.

Why? You can see the Pemicro file.

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