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MK60DN512VLQ10 UART questions

Question asked by Henry Nguyen on Jan 11, 2017



I would like to configure two uarts using processor expert: UART 0 for display text message to the hyper terminal and UART 1 for communication to another board (non NXP chip) for a 3 Mbps uart comm w/o flow control.  I am not using TWR tower.  Our existing project already have two comm boards using uart at 3 Mbps w/o flow control.  we are trying to upgrade the processor.


I added the uartCom component from KSDK 1.3 and then start configuring my baudrate, call back function, etc.

Hit generate, i can see the codes in project/SDK/platform/drivers/src/fsl_uart_driver.c and so on.

however, upon opening them, i see that all key functions like init, send, receive, etc are commented out. 

it is because of the #if FSL_FEATURE_SOC_UART_COUNT which is not defined.


can you please advise on what i am missing here?


attached pix shows my project, top part of fsl_uart_driver.c which codes got grayed out and my PE UART configuration.


Thank you for your help.