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Peer to peer failed in AndroidN with PN547

Question asked by ???myir on Jan 11, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2019 by RueiChang Chang

Hi All,


Now we are upgrade the OS to AndroidN from Android4.4.4 in our mobile phone, but now we are stuck by the NFC p2p function.



CPU: msm8916 32bit

OS: Android 7.0

NFC source code: NXPNFCProject · GitHub , TAG: NFC_NCIHALx_ARC0.7.0.4_N_OpnSrc. we ported this source to our AndroidN.


Issue description:

I can use the phone to read a tag, and it can also p2p fine between Android 7.0 device and Android 4.4 device.

But It can not p2p between the Android 7.0 devices.



android7-android4.4.txt:  the logcat output in android7 device that p2p ok with an android4.4 device

android7-android7.txt: the logcat output in android7 device that p2p failed with and android7 device

libnfc-brcm.conf and libnfc-nxp.conf: the configure files located in our target system.


Can anyone provide some helps, or debug suggestions?


Thanks in advance,


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