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4xCAN + USB + Automotive?

Question asked by Rainer Kaufmann on Jan 10, 2017
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currently I use the LPC1756 with USB and CAN to send and receive data to a Windows application. For this purpose, an very reliable driver solution exists and a bootloader enables encrypted firmware updates using nice windows applications.

I want to reuse as many as possible existing source.

For a new project, the microcontroller must be automotive specified, have 4 CAN units and best a LQFP48-80 case. Unfortunately I cannot find a matching microcontroller with additional USB.

Of course a small LPC or FTDI could be added or CAN used for firmware updates, but I would like to omit unnecessary complexity. Customers should be able to do configuration or updates directly using a PC or laptop.

Ideas or tips which microcontroller to use are welcome.


Best, Rainer