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Difference between a generated and example project with exact same code

Question asked by borjaserra on Jan 10, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2017 by Marek Trmac

Good afternoon,


I am working with the FRDM-KV10Z board. I am using the KSDK project generator to start playing with it. I also downloaded the KSDK 2.0 to get some examples.

The thing is that when I use the example for the pwm generator (called ftm_simple_pwm) I can build it and I see the blue led of the board dimming as it should. However, if I copy the the same code and add it into my generated project (it has all the drivers already) I can build it but the led does not react. I added breakpoints in the code just in case and it is following it as it should. I am debugging with UART as well and this one works for both cases.


I am using Kinetis Design Studio in a Windows 10 (I know the project generator is tested in windows 7). I have also tried to generate the projects with the advanced settings and even with both x64 and x86 executables (I know my machine is x64). Does anybody have a clue what could be the reason?