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ROM Data space used for KL03 32KByte part but not for 16KByte part?

Question asked by Rick Stuart on Jan 10, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2017 by Rick Stuart

I have two very similar projects.  One will compile for a KL03 32KByte part and the other for a KL03 16KByte part.  When I inspect the generated map files, the 32KByte part contains 5 files which reportedly consume a total of 746 Bytes of ROM for Data.  The other dozen plus files report nothing and are assumed to consume no ROM Data space.  But when I compile a very similar project for the 16KByte part the generated map file reports nothing for any of the files.


How can this be?

Is there something wrong with the SDK?

If so, is this an NXP problem or an IAR problem?

Is there somewhere else in the KL03 16KByte map file I could look to verify that some ROM is actually being used for data?


As far as I know, the KL03 16KByte executable file will upload and run on a KL03 16KByte board as expected.