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P1010 Custom board

Question asked by Peter Scheiwiller on Jan 10, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2017 by Yiping Wang

Hi there,


I'm trying to bring up a new P1010 based custom board. The hardware is quite closely based P1010RDB, and I'm pretty sure I've got all the cfg_ input straps connected correctly. The board is set to boot from SPI flash and I have managed to program U-Boot boot loader to the SPI flash with an external programmer. When I try to boot the board, the CPU Ready output goes low and then go high after about 400uS. The SPI CS signal goes low, but nothing happens on the SPI clock line. I checked the power sequencing with an oscilloscope and it seems to be right according to the data sheet, although the USBVdd3.3 ramp up is faster than it should be. (I figured that was not so important since the reference P1010RDB doesn't meet the spec either for ramp up time and power sequencing but that seems to work OK)


When I try to connect to the COP port using CodeWarrior TAP and CodeWarrior I get a Secure debug violation error ( I do have cfg_sb_dis selected with pull ups. What exactly does css_error = 39 actually mean any suggestions?


JTAG Diagnostics

Starting Power at Probe test ...
Test result: PASSED

Starting IR Scan test ...
Test result: PASSED

Starting Bypass Scan test ...
Test result: PASSED

Starting Arbitrary TAP State Move test ...
Test result: PASSED

Device 0 IDCODE: 0x1692301D

serverh = 0
cc = 0
ccs_jtag_unlock; ccs_error = 0
serverh = 0
cc = 0
device_list: (size = 1)
device[0]:: core_type=p1010(219)
ccs_config_chain; ccs_error = 39
Error message: p1010: Secure debug violation
serverh = 0
cc = 0
error = 57
chain_pos = 0
ccs_get_subcore_error; ccs_error = 0; duration=2 ms
coreh = [serverh:0;cc_index:0;chain_pos:0]
ccs_io addr: (size = 4)
0x00000000 0x00035b61 0x00000000 0x00000000
value: (size = 8)
01880000 00000200
ccs_in; ccs_error = 0; duration=2 ms
coreh = [serverh:0;cc_index:0;chain_pos:0]
ccs_io addr: (size = 4)
0x00000000 0x00035b62 0x00000000 0x00000000
value: (size = 8)
00000000 00000000
ccs_out; ccs_error = 0; duration=1 ms
coreh = [serverh:0;cc_index:0;chain_pos:0]
index = 30000
count = 1
value: (size = 1)
ccs_read_reg; ccs_error = 0; duration=2 ms
coreh = [serverh:0;cc_index:0;chain_pos:0]
addr = [space:0;size:4;address:0xff701010]
data: (size = 4)
ccs_read_mem; ccs_error = -2147483642; duration=3 ms
Error message: cannot start SAP transaction
serverh = 0
ccs_kill_server; ccs_error = 0