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Problem with CAN BUS communication (MK20DN512VLL10)

Question asked by Huy Ho on Jan 9, 2017

We are developing a motion control board using the below processor MK20DN512VLL10.

I have pin 100, 98, 97,72, and 71 connected to a CAN transceiver (CAN address pin 0 - 4).  I also have pin 99, 42, and 43 connected to CAN transceiver (CAN_speed, CAN_TX, and CAN_RX).  There is also a DIP switch to set the CAN address.

The attached is what I implemented on Processor Expert. When I integrated to our project Landungsbruecke firmware, I could control the LEDs, get trace,... But there was a problem when I called CAN_SendFrame, the process was hang on when called ExitCritical() function!

Please tell me why?

Thanks in advance!

Original Attachment has been moved to: CAN_PE.tar.gz