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KW41Z BLE deep sleep

Question asked by Richard Sabourin on Jan 9, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2017 by Evgeny Erlihman

I'm experimenting with the Heart Rate Sensor sample project (KDS, bare metal OS) on the USB-KW41Z board.

When I enable the low power feature however, I don't get the expected advertising. (And the SWD connection dies, which is expected) The only real code changes are setting these flags in the preinclude file:

#define cPWR_BLE_LL_Enable 1
#define cPWR_UsePowerDownMode 1
#define gTMR_EnableLowPowerTimers 1
#define cPWR_CheckLowPowerTimers 1

If I modify the project to start advertising immediately, I get advertisements for a second or two then nothing. 

Is the BLE deep sleep feature known to work with this sample? Is there more configuration required? Any suggestions or advice appreciated.