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How to disable HDMI console output Device tree iMX6

Question asked by Pat Sandt on Jan 9, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2017 by Pat Sandt

When I boot my imx6 board (custom, but I did not develop the device tree files), I see the Linux penquins and a login prompt on the HDMI display. Neither of these is desired and I'm assuming there is someway to disable the HDMI/console functionality. I have console output on uart2, which is where I'd like it.

I've searched the dts files looking for hdmi. Lots of hits, but only a few seem to mention "display" and none mention console or uart2.


Can someone give me the "magic word" that I can search for that will indicate the dts line that maps the console to HDMI?


Note that I've looked through posts, but find only reference to how to add video consoles or non-device tree solutions.

It is not clear to me how to apply any of these solutions to my problem. I'm a device tree newbie, but I've managed some changes in the past. Not familiar with console though.