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MC68HC908GP32 + CW v6.3 +MON08

Discussion created by Krzysztof KT on Jan 8, 2017
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Hello, community.


I request for a HELP!.


Have chip MC68HC908GP32 brand new from ebay market. Have donwloaded and installed CodeWarrior special edidtion 6.3 that handle this family of MCU. I connect via hardware serial port nad self made MON08 interface.


I can not pass security code. Cennection status summary: 6xY and the last one "N". When choose IGNORE security bytes, MCU entered the monitor mode, and CW ask for erase flash.. but after attempt of mass erase everything looks like ok, but security byte acces is still denied and ERROR 48 occur.


When i IGNORE the security bytes and dont try erase chip, i can read RAM memory, flash memory range is all &AD.

The &040 RAM memory adress is 7F, so the 6'th bit is "1" that indicate that security code is correct (datasheet) but it's not.


In Mon08Interface/View Register Files.. i found Flash Block Protect Register

I can change bits 00, 01, 02 and 03 to "0" or "1" but i can not save any change. The Value of this register is &AD looks like other &AD in secured location of memory.


Interesting thing is that on the window i can see that Flash block protect register is in &FF80 adress, and in datasheet i can read that FLBPR byte should be at  &FF7E adress... This is correct ???


Also i found flash control register window. There i can set or reset PGM erase mass or HVEN bit. And it works i can save change to register. So i decided to try try mass erase by-hand. With Datasheet i do step by step manually.


I set Erase and MASS bit, Read flash block protection register and try to change some bits and try to save it. then I set the HVEN bit. After that i try to reset "0" bit Erase and MAss but when I enter the flash protection block register, there is MASS bit allready "0".. Looks like it is automatically clear when i set HVEN. Becouse like on the NOTE on image the MASS erase is disabled whenever any block is protected FLBPR does not equal &FF. Andf its true becouse on FLBPR register i can read &AD..


Can some one tell me what im doing wrong, or where looking for solve this problem ??