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arm-none-eabi-gcc.exe has stopped working, again

Question asked by roymessinger on Jan 7, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2017 by ZhangJennie

I've read the posts here regarding this matter, all of which said to delete the breakpoints. Well, indeed, that worked, but whenever I try to insert a new breakpoint, the Segger debugger just crashes, and I cannot debug using the JLink.

I'm working with the FRDM-K64, using the USB connected to OpenSDA with the Jlink emulator.

My project was at C and I transformed it to C++.



Ok, I want to edit my question. I have a function which, whenever I try to insert a breakpoint there, the debugger crashed. Back in the C version, it did not. I did not change anything regarding this function.

Other breakpoints in the Main function, seems to work fine.

Any ideas?