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[MKW01Z128] Radio operation with 32.768kHz xtal

Question asked by Giancarlo Zanuz on Jan 6, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2017 by Giancarlo Zanuz

Hello, I'm facing some problems with the radio communication when using an external 32.768kHz crystal.


I'm using two KW01-MBR development boards and the examples from Connectivity Software. When I connect J8 (XTAL_32K jumper) to position 1 - 2 (PTA18 and DIO5/CLKOUT) and define in 'board.h' file CLOCK_INIT_CONFIG CLOCK_RUN, the program runs fine, I can send and receive messages with no problem.


But when I change to the external crystal in J8 to position 2 - 3 (PTA18 and EXTAL_32K_EXT), and define CLOCK_INIT_CONFIG CLOCK_XTAL, the program does not work well, and the radio interface does not work anymore.


Do I need to setup any other option or configuration to work with the external crystal? Thanks!