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Unable to boot from SPI-NOR on imx6q-sdb

Question asked by Lin Hsun on Jan 6, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2017 by Lin Hsun

Dear all


   My board is imx6q-sdb broad, I setting boot mode to SPI mode, after weld a spi-flash chip (U14, R643, R646, R149 C83, can see figure 1),  last flash an u-boot.bin to NOR Flash (use mfgtool), but can not load bootloader from SPI(always into download mode), please get me several suggest(is something missing?), thank.


NOTE:I believe SPI NOR has code(use mfgtool flash u-boot to NOR is success), will be into bootloader


My config information:

 SBMR1 ---> 0x18000030 

 BOOT_CFG1[7:4] --> 0011

 BOOT_CFG4[5:4] --> 01 - ECSPIx_SS1

 BOOT_CFG4[3]    --> 1 - 3-bytes (24-bit)

 BOOT_CFG4[2:0] --> 000 - ECSPI-1



figure 1

figure 2