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Question:dual cmos combined with vidc to display

Question asked by 王 双 on Jan 5, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2017 by 王 双


I use 2 ipu's csi interface connect dual cmos to mem(yuv420), the data flow like this:




now I can use mxc_v4l_overlay.out to display dual cmos on lcd simultaneously, when capture 1 frame I can get correct yuv420 data but on lcd will black at the moment,

so I want to use vdic on ipu1 to combine cmos0 and cmos1 data from mem and display combined image on lcd, capture image use mem buffer, but I did't find demo in imx-tests (vdic combine 2 data from mem, up and down mode, left and right mode).


Sorry for my bad english,THX!


PS:bsp is linux+qt 3.10.53, cmos is ov5640(parallel)