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How to share Debug / Run Configurations across projects?

Question asked by Robert Poor on Jan 5, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2017 by Robert Poor

Each time I create a new project, I find myself

  • going to Run => Debug Configurations..., 
  • making a copy of an existing configuration
  • giving the new configuration the name of my new project
  • changing the name of the Project and the C/C++ Application .elf file
  • ... and using that Configuration each time I want to launch the new project


This works, but it's tedious.  And I now have about 16 configurations (and counting).  Which leads me to think I'm probably doing this wrong.


Is there a way to create a "master" Debug Configuration* that does macro substitution of the project name and .elf file, so that I can launch any application using the master?  What am I missing?


(* I assume that there will be something similar for Run Configurations as well.  I'm just focusing on Debug Configurations to start with...)