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Question asked by arun kumar on Jan 6, 2017
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i am using the TJA1055T/3 CAN transceiver. 

i am using the microcontroller from the TI product. 

i want to develop the FTCAN .  so i am choosing this CAN transceiver IC. 

I have a problem . my code is working for normal CAN communication . now i want to make that CAN to FTCAN. 

I connect my CANTX and CANRX pin to the TJA1055T/3 as per the datasheet. i gave every conncetion properly. 

but i can not transmit the data . i dont know what i want to do . i am not sure about that TJA1055T/3 pin 4,5,6.

i gave 3.3v through gpio pin to the pin : 5,6.  i did not gave any input to the pin 4. 

i cannot transmit the data through that TJA1055T/3 transceiver. 

can you please tell me how can i use those pins. and give me some solutions for this problem.



Arun Kumar.N