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SAI MCLK as output on imx6ul

Question asked by Pieter Cardoen on Jan 6, 2017
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I'm trying to configure the SAI1 MCLK as output (i.MX6UL drives this MCLK signal). However I can't measure anything on this signal. I've configured IOMUXC GPR1 bit 19 (SAI1_MCLK_DIR) to 1 but this isn't helping.


Pad CSI_DATA01 is used for MCLK.


The datasheet describes this about the MCLK selection (register I2Sx_TCR2)


'MCLK Select
Selects the audio Master Clock option used to generate an internally generated bit clock. This field has no
effect when configured for an externally generated bit clock.
NOTE: Depending on the device, some Master Clock options might not be available. See the chipspecific
information for the meaning of each option.
00 Master Clock (MCLK) 1 option selected.
01 Master Clock (MCLK) 1 option selected.
10 Master Clock (MCLK) 2 option selected.
11 Master Clock (MCLK) 3 option selected.'


What are the different options and where are they documented?


Can anyone help me to get this clock out of the device?