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Kinetis IDE

Question asked by leonard mcreynolds on Jan 5, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2017 by Mark Butcher

I have download the Kinetis IDE & SDK several times and tried to use it to no avail. The user guide(s) are obviously wrong because they menu items described are wrong - Can Kinetis please provide me with a correct users guide?

The IDE will not let me "load the SDK into the IDE" following the Help Menu procedures.

The IDE will not let me select a Microprocessor - I can find it via the menus - but double clicking it (as the instruction states) does nothing.

None of the demos work.

The IDE still can't find the "MAKE file" [i.e. MAKE file not in path error] - but it is, I included it in the PATH via the menu.


Neither the FRDM-KL46Z & K22F are working - absolutely no communications with either of  the  two different Com Applications  mentioned in the Manual -  All configuration are per the setup instructions. The KL46Z continues to blink the green LED which is not one of the conditions stated by the Kinetis Web Site - It suggest that I contact the Community for help - hence this memo.

Three (3) Professional programmers have tried to make the IDE & the two FRDM Modules to work...


Surely someone can either validate the Kinetis 'system' will never work OR the Manuals and the supporting software is wrong and there is a Web site that I can download the Correct Sofware.

I understand that Kinetis is leaving Freescale/NXP, however I can't believe that they are defunct.


I would like a Valid Kenitis IDE with a Macro Assembler and C/C++ Compiler - for use with Kenitis MPUs). The Kenitis Web site ensures they have this capability. Is this Possible - I can find no  'Contact me' menu on any NXP/KIenitis site.

Could some one from Kenitis contact me and assist me with this?


Thank You