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HW config for i.MX6UL + PF3000 without a battery

Question asked by enriqueencarnacion on Jan 4, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2017 by igorpadykov

Here are the details of our application:

- We are using the i.MX6UL + PF3000 without a battery. 

- RTC is provided by external RTC circuitry.

- Not using the secure non-volatile storage or tamper functions.

- We are not using an On/Off button.

- When the system power is on, the processor should start/remain running.

- When the system power falls, the processor should shutdown.

- We don’t need sleep, low-power, standby, etc.

- Watchdog will shut-down the primary supply after the processor safes itself.


Here is how we've wired the relevant rails:


- Not using LICELL/VSNVS circuit of the PF3000.



How are the PWRON and STANDBY of the PF3000 used?

The processor will not request a power on from a low-power mode and firmware will not request a standby mode.

if the i.MX6UL watchdog fires I’m planning to use a small reset controller to shut-off the PF3000 using its PWRON.  Does this make any difference, though?



How are the i.MX6UL CCM_PMIC_STBY_REQ and SNVS_PMIC_ON_REQ functions used?  Not used?

There is no standby mode for the processor to request and the processor should be turned on by the PMIC powering up.


Thank you for your kind assistance.