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56F8367 Downloading then "Core Not Responding"

Question asked by Charles Barnes on Jul 10, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2008 by Charles Barnes
I have with me the 56F8367 eval board and our actual board with the same chip on it.

We have created our own little homemade parallel to JTAG converter cable to debug the chip on the board, but considering we have tried the cable on the JTAG connector on the eval board and it works, I doubt the cable is the problem.

We have checked GNDs, Vcc, and have even watched all of the JTAG signals to see if anything is happening.  We have messed around with a bunch of jumper settings but at this point we are struggling to find the answer.

The weird thing is that when we start to download, it appears to connect okay and the downloading progress bar message box appears in codewarrior for 1 tick and then immediately the message box "Core Not Responding" pops up.

I thought I would check here for any help before I issued a ticket.  Thanks to all.