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iMX6 solo LCD off based on Android 4.3

Question asked by siwoo lee on Jan 5, 2017
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A custom i.MX6 solo board based on android 4.3 (freescale BSP) works a little good with parallel LCD.

The LCD screen turns on while the part of u-boot and kernel are running.  so I can confirm u-boot splash screen and kernel logo.

but after log message "run_init_process /init" in kernel part from terminal, Suddenly a LCD screen is black. I already checked some hw part - backlight, LCD clcok, etc - they are ok. but LCD data line(RGB) never send anything.


I find a strange message on the logcat:

D/SurfaceControl( 1215): Excessive delay in unblankDisplay() while turning screen on: 18771ms


I attached a logcat file.

please, give me any advice.

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