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Sabre Lite Board jumps to invalid address after boot from SD

Question asked by on Jan 3, 2017
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I am trying to boot Sabre Lite board from SD card on WEC2013 with Adeneo BSP. The image which is a simple hello world application, is also written to SD card via cfimager. I have written "eboot.nb0" and "NK.nb0" files to the SD card with cfimager. Getting outputs to the serial console with TeraTerm. I saw below lines on TeraTerm:


Press [ENTER] to launch image stored in SD/MMC or [SPACE] to cancel.


Initiating image launch in 59 seconds.

Freescale iMX SOC Menu Item
 [0] IP Address :
 [1] Set IP Mask :
 [2] Boot Delay : 60
 [3] DHCP : Disabled
 [4] Reset to Factory Default Configuration
 [5] Select Boot Device : NK from SD/MMC
 [6] Set MAC Address : 0-2-B3-92-A8-C4
 [7] Format OS NAND Region
 [8] Format All NAND Regions
 [9] Bootloader Shell
 [I] KITL Work Mode : Polling
 [K] KITL Enable Mode : Disable
 [P] KITL Passive Mode : Disable
 [S] Save Settings
 [D] Download Image Now
 [L] Launch Existing Flash Resident Image Now
 [E] Select Ether Device : USB Serial
 [M] MMC and SD Utilities
 [R] Reinit Display
 [F] NAND Low Level Format


 Selection: l
-BLMenu .
INFO: Using device name: 'MX6Q64378'
INFO: Reading NK image to SDHC (please wait)...
INFO: Copying NK image to RAM address 0xa0200000

INFO: Read is 100% complete
INFO: Copy of NK completed successfully
Download successful! Jumping to image at 0x10200000 (physical).....


After that nothing jappens, and I can not see the serial traces.  Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance. I also tried Windows Embedded CE Boot Problem from SD Card  this solution, but could not succeed.