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UART low power desgin[MKW24D512]

Question asked by Huixuan Yu on Jan 3, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2017 by Mark Butcher

I use two mode of this chip in my project. And I want to desgin a low power UART communication the average current < 1mA. But I need a high speed systerm clock to run our code. And enter low power mode when there is no work to do. The UART communicate must work in both two modes. mode: Use the external reference clock and the PLL. The systerm clock is 48M and the bus clock is 24M.

2.low power mode: The VLPW mode. Use the 4M Hz IRC. The bus clock is 4M.

I need to switch the two modes frequency(probably in one UART communication). When the systerm clock changed. I need to confige the UART Baud. This could make the UART communication date lost.

Is there any way that when I change the mode the UART works fine? I don't need to confige the baud.

Or How I can make the UART clock don't change when I switch the two modes?

Thank you for your help.