Shahzor Ahmad

Unable to use library functions when using processor expert stationary.

Discussion created by Shahzor Ahmad on Jul 10, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2008 by Pascal Irrle
Hey guys!
I was wondering if any 1 could help me understand why i get an error if i include a standard library header file <math.h> and use the function 'hypot' in my main user module file <PROJECT-NAME.c>. This only happens if i use Processor Expert Stationary. The error is this:

             Link error: Undefined: "Fhypot"
             Referenced in "Fmain" in TUT1.c
TUT.mcp is my project name and TUT1.c the main user module.  

However if i use the New Project Wizard, i do not come across any errors if i include the same header and use this function in the main.c file.

- shahzor