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Question asked by Ameer Hamza on Jan 3, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2017 by igorpadykov

Dear all,


Hope you are all doing great. I want to ask about the sabre solo x sdb board. I am very confused about the jumper/settings and sdhc. I am not running the linux image on the board, but i have to built a driver for SDHC3 and SDHC4 slots. If i select S1(2 pins white jumper) as 1,0(Serial) the SDHC4 works perfectly fine without caring about the SW10, SW11 and SW12 switch states. But SDHC3 does not work at all with this cofiguration, may be does not have power to its slot so it requires S1 to be 0,1. and specific settings for SW11, SW12. Also some cards are not run by SDHC3 at all. The main problem is that i have to run both the cards simultaniously. and i can not use the linux image instead developed my own application for SDIO communication. So if some one could guide me about the jumper position so that both the cards can get good power would be very highly appreciated. Please let me know if i should clear some more scenario. Thank you in advance. Looking forward for the reply. 


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