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Error in standalone u-boot compilation for QorIQ T1042

Question asked by Debdutta Banerjee on Jan 2, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2017 by Debdutta Banerjee

I am compiling the u-boot with standalone toolchain installed in /opt/fsl-qoriq/2.0


to use the toolchain, I source the /opt/fsl-qoriq/2.0/environment-setup-ppc64e5500-fsl-linux. Its OK since I verified by compiling a simple C program.


But when compiling u-boot I get the error:

powerpc64-fsl-linux-ld.bfd: skipping incompatible /opt/fsl-qoriq/2.0/sysroots/ppc64e5500-fsl-linux/usr/lib64/powerpc64-fsl-linux/4.9.2/libgcc.a when searching for -lgcc
powerpc64-fsl-linux-ld.bfd: cannot find -lgcc


Screenshot attached. SDK version: QorIQ Linux SDK v2.0