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Is it possible to implement hot-plug in IPU CSI

Question asked by zohan Lin on Jan 3, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2017 by zohan Lin

Dear all


I used imx6q and BSP is 4.2.2, kernel version is 3.0.35.

I set CSI by BT.656 mode.


I plug video cable and use CSI to receive the video,

the video showed on LCD is OK.

But when I unplug the cable and plug it again, vsync function seems ineffective.


I think IPU CSI only do vsync function at the beginning of receiving video streaming, 

and it wouldn't do vsync function again when video cable is replugged.

is that right?


If it's right,  is it possible to make IPU CSI do vsync when video cable is replugged or implement hot-plug in IPU CSI ?



Thanks a lot,