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Question asked by leonard mcreynolds on Jan 2, 2017
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Hello: My Name is MAC.

I have programmed a host of different 'type' Micro's and SBC through the last 30+ years.  My latest IDE was Freescale (Ver 5.2 I believe) for the S12 Xgate Micro. This Freescale IDE was most satisfactory and I developed 'Communication controller' for a remote Data Acquisition and Control System (SCADA). Most of my experience has been in Industrial Control and Monitoring, Gas stations, device drivers for MS-DOS and some Limiting Windows (Desktop) programming. I am not into IoT, or phone systems, or developing an App to inform an idiot when it's time to Eat or have Sex.  No customer I have ever worked for would allow their 'systems' to be associated with the Web or the International Marketing Place (i.e. the Cloud). That type of 'programming' , in may experience, is for children, hackers and people who like sha-zam  toys. All of my customers require secure systems, meaning that no connections go outside their facility, encrypted or not. I have decided to evaluate the ARM Products for future development projects.

Currently I have a task for developing a command and control system which would consist of a minimum MS WIndows user control problem (which I have no problem with developing) to interface with an Embedded Microprocessor Control 'system'.

My question to the Community is this:

I have purchased several LP boards and have downloaded the Code Composer Studio from 'TI' or 'NXP' and the Kinetis Design Studio for evaluation. None seems satisfactory at this stage. The CCS seems to be a third world pre-development version of a possible future IDE. There are tons of Documentation online for the CCS and a lot of it contradicts the other and sometimes itself in the same manual. The Kinetis IDE seems to be more professional (although similar to CCS), more like the Freescale IDE. However the examples 'programs' that came with the LP  that I purchased would result in "Not enough memory' and 'Can't find the Make file'. Since the compiler didn't know where it put the 'Make' file - I included it in the 'include' directory - but it still couldn't find it. Perhaps some one at Kinetis could tell me how to tell the Kinetis IDE where it put it.

I am looking for a reasonably Production model IDE with a Macro Assembler. It seems to me that both TI and Kinetis could have such an IDE. If I purchase the IDE would I get a actual valid version? ?

If anyone is using a Kinetis or CCS with a macro assembler I would like their recomendations as to how to obtain the correct versions and supporting software in order to evaluate same.

Thank You